Callide Power Station
  • Safety
  • Site inductions
  • Site inductions

    prior to your arrival.

    鸿运网app Please see the table below for more information on travel times, dress requirements, parking and inductions.

    Minimum dress requirements

    Location Personal protective equipment
    Power stations

    Visitor to supply:

    • Long sleeved high visibility cotton shirt
    • Long cotton trousers or jeans
    • Safety footwear

    Available at site:

    • Safety helmet
    • Safety glasses
    • Hearing protection
    • High vis cotton vest.
    Brisbane office  No personal protective equipment needed

    Planning for arrival

    Location Details
    Power stations

    All sites -

    Wivenhoe only - also complete Wivenhoe Inductee Details Form (DOC 213KB)


    On arrival at site:

    • Parking is available at site.
    • Report to front gate.
    Brisbane office

    鸿运网app Induction required if you are working in the office for two days or more.